Fish Tattoo - Symbolism for Multiple Beliefs

                       Fish tattoos are an important part of the art of tattooing. For thousands of years, it has been a symbol of various beliefs. Some cultures started praying to a fish as their God because it was responsible for the protection of their food. It was even believed that sea gods and goddesses are under the control of sea animals. In the modern age too, fish are considered very important for survival by the eastern world and they are related to Christianity by the western world. Such tattoos can represent wisdom, creativity, wealth, abundance, strength, loyalty, women, happiness, luck, courage, etc. In a negative sense, fish also symbolize threats and greed. Variety of fish tattoos and their meanings Take a look at the meanings each fish symbolizes and then decide which tattoo you would like to adorn. Koi fish: Asians regard highly this popular breed of fish. According to the beliefs of Chinese people, this fish could swim against the water current and climb waterfalls. The Koi fish was thought to symbolize good fortune and perseverance. The Japanese have also embraced the same meaning for the Koi fish. Thus, a Koi fish moving upstream in a fish tattoo symbolizes a person's struggles and when moving downstream symbolizes overcoming hard times. Chinese fish: This type of tattoo symbolizes unity and fidelity. The Chinese used to gift a fish to couples because of this belief. Buddhists associate the meanings of freedom and happiness with fish and Indian mythology relates fish to transformation and creation. For Christians, this tattoo reflects faith and abundance. Carp fish: This is also a popular design of fish tattoo. Many Asian cultures have appreciated Carp fish and related it to strength and courage. Pisces fish: The Pisces tattoo is based on one of the zodiac signs and it was commonly seen in Greco-Roman mythology. This tattoo symbolizes compassion, strength, kindness and imagination. It may also have a dark side that is related to vagueness, idealism and secrecy. Other meanings attached to fish tattoos If tattoo meanings in the context of water are seen, it can relate to mystery or the unknown world. Water is abundant and thus reflects these traits, while it is also a home for fish. So, in the water, it may reflect a different meaning than a fish outside it. Water also symbolizes the womb and is therefore related to the meanings of fertility, femininity and rebirth. A fish tattoo in water means eternity, creativity, happiness, knowledge, fertility, change and good luck. Koi fish tattoos typically feature water in their designs. A fish tattoo is also related to different meanings based on the color of it.